Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Live model concept

The concept I chose for the live model concept is future, I decided to do this as I thought it gives me more creative choices as it is such a varied category.

Initially I thought of ideas such as :

  • Alien
  • Robot 
  • Fantasy 
  • Futuristic war(hunger games)
The first thing I could think of that I would take the chance to include applying a bald cap as I think this would be a great time to showcase my skill of applying a bald cap as I would be required to do this in industry so it would be a good chance to get the attention of industry contacts who will be at the showcase.

Image one is an alien styled make up that I love! I love the patterning and the use of the bald cap! I feel like if I was to choose to do an alien make up I would create something very similar however I would change the colours, the pattering I would do by using a stencil and then airbrushing onto the face and bald cap.

Image two is a robot inspired make up look, I love how this looks however I doubt I would take inspiration and recreate something like this for showcase as I really like the idea of creating a an alien inspired look, however by doing a robot look I can also incorporate applying a bald cap.

Image three is an elf inspired look which is one of the first ideas I came across, I love the idea about using prosthetics as I feel this is another thing that possible employers will be looking for as I want to be working in the live performance and special effects industry. However at first  I wasn't  sure how I could make fantasy relatable to the future however I then thought that it would be relatable as it could could be a new planet that is yet to be discovered that has fantasy creatures on.

Image four is an image that relates back to the fourth bullet point which is futuristic war, however instead of the hunger games this image is actually from the film mad max as I thought this also suited the futuristic category which is what I am doing.The image on image four is also including a bald cap which is what I really want to do.

Overall I think I have started the progression in finding my final idea for this concept, I think I have decided that whatever look I decide to do I will defiantly be including a bald cap and maybe prosthetics.

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