Monday, 6 February 2017


When I was researching fashion campaigns one fashion campaign really stood out to me , it was the fall/ winter 2016 campaign from the Italian fashion brand Prada.It was filmed by iconic photographer Steven Meisel and includes colourful scenery and starry nights. The campaign also includes 27 models including actor Millia Jovovich and longtime Prada face Sasha Pivovarova it also captures the spirit of wanderlust and femininity.

The main thing I really liked about this campaign was the use of changing backgrounds in relevance to the clothing the models were wearing.The backgrounds included moving shots of different environmental factors such as; starry nights , lightening , dusk and dawn as well as the aurora borealis, this is relevant as during the campaign whenever the backgrounds changed the models outfits would change to a relevant style, for example in the scene ( approx. 1.04- 1.19) where the background is of the aurora borealis the model is wearing a colourful jacket which could be a representation of the aurora borealis ( Image One). Prada could have included this as an incite of the inspiration behind this collection. Another aspect of the campaign I really liked was the fact that the hair styling reminds the same throughout the 1.19 minute video , I thought this was a smart idea that Prada as it kept the focus being on the clothes , however the hair styling could also be a representation of the collection being for fall/winter as the styling of the hair included the hair being damp which could be a portrayal of the models' hair being wet as a result of the weather that is associated with fall/ winter.Another characteristic that could support my point about the hair design being a representation of fall/winter is that the hair would be moving which could be another representation of the weather that is associated with fall/winter as it created an effect that made it look like the model was out in the wind.The make up application throughout the whole campaign remains the same however throughout the campaign a few models would have a red lip, I really liked how Prada did this as it kept the focus being on the clothes which is the main purpose of the campaign but it also allowed the viewer to notice the slight changes to the make up application which kept the make up application looking fresh and it avoided the make up from staying the same for the whole campaign. I also really liked the use of movement in the video, the models start walking towards the camera however it creates an effect that when watched it makes it look like the models are appearing to be in 3D, I think this is a really smart way to shoot a campaign video as when I was doing my research of campaign videos this was the only one that created an illusion like that.Prada created this to make their campaign stand out from all the rest and I honestly think they did what they wanted. Have a look at the campaign here: .

Image One.

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