Thursday, 9 February 2017

Looking at CV's

Today we started to look at CV's in order to help us get an idea of how we want our CV's to look.

We were given the task of 5 types of CV's to look at :

  • Creative
  • Contemporary 
  • Formal
  • Artistic 
  • Simple
We then had to pick 3 types of CV's.

The first CV I chose was artistic. Below is the CV that I will be writing about.
Image One. Stacie Clark CV using

So as you can see on image One, this CV is very visual and includes drawings that I assume are hers however there is no certainty as she doesn't mention anywhere throughout her CV, apart from this small issue I actually do love the images and I feel like it makes her CV to be very different and eye catching. Although the CV is unusual and includes images the purpose of this CV hasn't been lost as she has still included all the relevant information needed on a CV, however when it came to the education section I thought that it was very basic and didn't include much information about what her qualification entailed such as what modules she completed etc. I really liked how she had put on the end of her CV "references available upon request" I feel like this is a good thing to include on you CV as it then allows your CV to not include a lot of writing which as it is an artistic one I feel it suits being very simple with little writing. However I feel like how she has written her CV isn't very personal as it is written in third person so there isn't a personal touch as it could be that anyone has written it for her, I understand why she might of chosen to write in this style however I feel like when possible employers are viewing CV's they want to be able to get a sense of the persons personality. Another issue I found with this CV is that although the drawings are amazing and I think they add something to a CV that you wouldn't usually  
see on a normal CV which I think is great because at the end of the day if you are artistic and very creative and you are seeking work in a very creative industry a normal and very formal CV wouldn't be relevant , however the drawings and the very basic education section makes it very hard to actually pin point what this CV is actually for and what type of job she is trying to achieve. This CV is also lacking a contact number and a website, there is a blog link along with an email, the blog may include other contact details and information about Stacie however when employers are looking at a CV I doubt they would want to take more time to having a look at other platforms just to be able to see what she actual does and what type of jobs she is looking to secure.

Second CV - So below is the second CV I looked at the CV below ( image two) This CV is a simple  CV.

Image Two. Simple CV template.(, n.d.)

This is a very simple and plain CV which leads me to believe that this for a more professional and formal job role,however there are aspects of this CV that I really like such as the fact that this applicant has included a photograph of himself, I think this is a really nice touch to a CV as it then allows the employer looking at the CV to be able to put a face to a name and I feel like it makes it more personal when placed to another CV that doesn't include a photograph of the applicant. Another aspect that I like about this CV is that unlike the CV I spoke about above ( image One) that it includes not only an email address but also a contact number, I feel like a contact number is the main way of employers to contact applicants as it is much quicker and easier than sending an email and waiting for them to read and reply to it, so this could be an advantage for including a contact number on your CV as most employers won't have time to be emailing and waiting for a response.By looking at the CV I have also noticed that they have included that they have a driving licence and where it isn't a requirement to include this information I feel like by including this piece of information you are giving yourself a better chance of employment as most jobs will ask if you have a driving licence as employers think it is important in order for you to get to and from work and in many jobs driving may be required. However I feel like the colours are very dull which would mean that employers wouldn't be visually drawn to this CV but in spite of that not all CV's will be able to be as visual as image one as not all jobs are able to be this creative so it wouldn't be relevant for most job roles. Another thing I noticed about this CV is that there is no mention of references which is required for all jobs, as I spoke about for image one they had placed on that references can be provided upon request which I feel is the best way to go around references so then you are not giving out your references personal details all over the place, but on this CV there is nothing of this kind which makes me wonder if this person has any references which I think employers would think as well therefore they may not proceed on with his application. Furthermore I would make sure that on my CV I either include my references onto my application or write " references available upon request ".I also want to point out that if you don't have any references it is still important to have one even if it isn't a professional such as from a job it can be a personal one such as from a tutor or a teacher, I wouldn't recommend not including any references onto your CV. The last thing I found that I disliked about this CV is that under the "formation" and " personal experiences" the applicant hasn't included the institute name of where they have studied or where they have worked which I feel leaves the CV being very plain and impersonal.

Third CV - contemporary. 
                                        Image Three.Contemporary CV number three.(, n.d.) 

So this is a contemporary CV and the first thing that I liked about this CV is the use of colours, they are bright so they will catch the attention of the employer looking at the CV however the thing I liked the most about how the applicant has used the use of colours is that they have used them so it makes their application stand out however they have not used them so much that it is overpowering.The key thing I realised about this CV is the use of QR codes which when scanned leads the viewer to their online portfolio and blog, I think this is a really smart idea as a QR code can be done digitally ( so if they are applying for a job online ) and also physically ( if they are handing out CV's into businesses) which is such a quick and easy way for possible employers to see their work. Something on this CV which i wasn't too fond off was the use of the bar chart on the "software knowledge" section, I feel like the overall chart to be quite confusing as there are two parts of the chart for the same section, the top of the chart that says " expertise - beginner, intermediate , high , advanced and pro " and also on the bottom of the chart that says " frequency of use - rarely , sometimes , every week , every day and all day, I feel like this could take a while for the possible employer to understand and as they will have many applications to go through i'm not sure if they would take the time to do it. I also didn't like the use of the venn diagram used on the "capabilities" , I feel like this was taking up space on his CV and it wasn't really of relevance as he had listed his capabilities below it, I think it would've made more sense to have done it as a pie chart. This CV also didn't include any references or any mention of them which I spoke about in the paragraph below. I must say that I really like how this person has included a small paragraph talking about why he loves his field which is product design, I feel this adds some personality to the CV and makes it a bit more personal. The use of his publications is a really good idea as it shows the possible employer what published work he has done before, therefore giving him experience in his field.

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