Monday, 6 February 2017


Today was our second meeting regarding showcase with the year ones however most of them were out on placement.

During today's meeting I set up the email for the showcase as I wanted to check with the managers about what we should put as the email address simply as I believed last year's email wasn't professional enough which is why I strongly believe we didn't hear back from companies and industry contacts.

The website has been started and we spoke about colour themes which will include blue for the charity MIND which we are going to be raising money for ( in memory of Paris's dad).
Image One.MIND the mental health charities logo.(, n.d.)
I asked that everyone by the start of half term has given me or Molly W at least two industry contacts so as soon as we get a venue and a date confirmed we can start invites.

By next week social media will be set up where we will post fundraising events along with getting the word out about the showcase event.

I came up with an idea that it would be good for us to contact as much press as possible such as newspapers, news channels as I feel like not only will it help us but it is giving the year ones something to continue next year as they can use the contacts made for next years showcase.

By next week the year ones will have sent Lucy their 50 - 100 words bios which she will then use to create the programmes.

We also started the planning of the live concept idea, to do this we listed all the different time periods and then wrote underneath each some ideas, after all this we created a grid with each time period on and some empty boxes underneath them, we then placed it up on the wall and allowed everyone to write underneath what time period they wanted to do, I chose to do future as I initially thought of doing an alien look.

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Image One.MIND the mental health charities logo.(, n.d.)

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