Monday, 20 February 2017

First initial mood board for timeline concept

So here is my thought process for some ideas that I could do for my timeline, from my initial research and ideas I feel drawn to create an image based on my zodiac which is scorpio.( to  make images larger please click on them!)

For my initial mood board I decided to follow from my thoughts on what I could base my image around, Image One is a photoshoot that was based all around zodiac signs so obviously as I am a scorpio I found the image from that shoot for the zodiac, one thing that I really loved about this image is how they have included the constellation for scorpio in the background as you will see in my moodboard image five is also the constellation for zodiac, I just feel like the idea of including the constellation or something relevant into the background is a fabulous idea that will complete whatever look I decide to do.

Image Two is all based around the scorpio animal however instead of it being a make up look, it is clear that this image is based around the hair however you can see the make up includes a very bold contour and I think the look also includes some kind of body art such as airbrush or painting as the model looks to have different shades to her skin and face which although the image is in black and white.I feel like the make up artist has done this to include different dimensions to the model in order for the overall image to be visually striking which will then ensure that the model isn't ignored in the image and that by applying this type of make up will allow the hair and make up to flow together. I really liked the idea of creating the tail of a scorpion, I think that with some practice I would be able to recreate this look. If I was going to recreate this look I feel like I would place a wire into the hair and then plait the hair, the wire would then give me the chance to then mould the hair into the shape of the scorpion tail which I would then secure onto my models head with bobby pins .

Image Three is probably one of my favourite photos in this moodboard, I have included this image into my moodboard as I thought this could be a representation of my birthday which is the 5th November (bonfire night). When I saw this image I automatically thought of the night sky ( black glitter) being lit up by the fireworks( the other coloured glitter), I love glitter however I find it really tricky to work with so if I was to do this look I would practice it for more than once in able to make it look as good as I can get it but I think this is a very unique way of me showing off my work rather than taking inspiration from my zodiac etc which I feel most people will be doing.

Image Four is my birthstone which is called Topaz, I included this into my moodboard as I thought this would be a good idea to get inspiration from, I have come up with many ideas from this such as; creating a whole shoot based on the stone taking inspiration from the colours and tones of the stone or using the colour of the stone as an overlay therefore having my final image shot in the colour of the stone.

Image Five is the constellation for scorpius which I mentioned and took inspiration from image one, I really love this idea as in my initial thought process I didn't think about the constellation for my zodiac and I could include this in various ways such as ;

  • doing a shoot based primarily on the constellation ( included in the make up ) 
  • including the constellation in the background of my model ( this could be done on the actual shoot or could be included by photoshop in post edit) 
  • creating a prop of the constellation which my model would then hold up.
Image Six is a photograph of a bonfire with a firework going off in the background, I have placed this image into my moodboard as my birthday falls on bonfire night so for this concept I feel like it would be a good idea to incorporate something from bonfire night into my look such as : 
  • taking inspiration from the colours of fireworks 
  • taking inspiration from the colours of the bonfire
  • the movement of fireworks
Image Seven is the chinese animal for the year I was however I doubt I will include this into my overall look as there isn't much inspiration that I could take from the pig saying that, I could look into the traits and background of the pig. I feel like if I was to include this into any part of my look I would include it into the background or prop part of the shoot.

Image Eight and Nine are both music related, image eight is an event that happened on the day I was born, it was an Oasis gig where they played at Earls court. Image Nine is the cover art of the song that was number one when I was born, as I won't be taking any inspiration and putting this into my final look an option I have come up with the idea that if on the day of the shoot if I do it before the actual event I can get a videographer which then on the day of the showcase I can bring a laptop and place it somewhere for everyone to look at which I could then edit music onto the clip so I could choose to put on a Oasis song or gangsta's paradise which was number one when I was born, Another thing I could do that includes inspiration from image eight and nine is too have a live model on the day of the showcase and then where my model is stood to have the music playing or have an ipod with headphones near so then they have the choice to see what song/music that was in when I was born.

This has really helped me come up with ideas for showcase however now I seem to have loads of ideas so I need to start funneling ideas down to get my final image .

Stay tuned in for more showcase blogs!!!
Ella xoxox 

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