Thursday, 16 March 2017

WEEK #6!

So today we focused all on our website, my website is still in the process of being made however I have made a good start to it. We got all our websites up and then we all swapped so we could get peer assessed.

My feedback.

  • Emma had my website and she sent me my feedback via facebook, this is what she had to say about my website;
  • Portfolio includes a good variety of videos and images including males, females - widen variety will different ethnicities and skin tones.
  •  Get in touch is easy to navigate. 
  • Links work - Facebook, Instagram etc.

I feel like my website will be a long process as I am not happy with how it is now so getting this feedback was very beneficial as it made me realise that it isn't as bad as I think and it does include everything it need to. 

After we had finished up with our website , we started to plan for our practical session for a look that we could use for online marketing.I started to think about what I should do however I made sure to take into consideration my feedback about my six images from last week.The piece of feedback I want to focus one is about the lack of male models and different skintones. 

As I want to go into special effect make up I will definitely be focusing on special effect work especially as I have an interview coming up for my top up year so this is a great opportunity to include another image into my portfolio. I started to then think about what type of special effect work I was going to do as I already have zombie make ups in my portfolio, I have also included theatrical work such as ageing. I spoke to Tai for some help as I didn't know what else I should be including into my portfolio and she mentioned to me the idea of creating a TV ageing make up with a model going through three different stages of her life. Tai then also mentioned about how I should create a storyline behind my character, I absolutely loved this idea and I will definetly will be gathering some research as I feel very comfortable doing theatrical ageing but TV ageing is very different.

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