Monday, 13 February 2017


Unfortunately I was unable to come into today's session, however I made a post on the marketing group telling the rest of the team that I wouldn't be in, I made some things that we still needed to do just so we could all start to get them boxed off , the list I came up with was as followed:
  • I told Molly that to help with her work load I will take the business contacts so I told her to email the list over so I could make a start of email contacts.
  • I said that I would set up the twitter if it hadn't been set up already.
  • Ideas of flyers should be done, even if it is just some images of colour schemes,  layouts etc.
  • Get the contact email for Manchester City,Manchester United,spectrum and my kit co so we can invite them to the showcase as a thank you for them donating gifts.

I also said on the post for them to keep me in the loop about what was going on in the session so I can help them.Emma informed me that she had done the twitter account so she gave me the log in details so I am able to log in and tweet from it. Emma also then posted after the meeting which helped keep me in the loop, Emmas' list of what needs to be done is as followed:
  • Robyn is creating a draft of the programme ( year ones who are researching the charity they need to be done by the 23rd)
  • Molly is going to be collecting friends and family contact details so she can send out the E- invite , we have asked her to upload a draft email to the group so we can check everything is included and that I will be taking over emailing brands and industry contacts I will begin emailing once Molly has sent me over the list.
  • Emma will be finishing the website tonight and it will be completed tonight.
  • Everyone needs to gather some images together for a poster and layout which needs to be sent to the year ones who are in charge of making them,we will vote on it once everyone has sent their idea,the poster needs to be created by the 25th.

Another thing that came from this meeting is that we decided it would be nice to do a photo shoot for all our pictures for the programmes and then we can all get one together, we also decided that for the paragraphs about ourselves we would jazz it up by including :
  •  name 
  • age 
  • what make up you're in to 
  • where do you see yourself In 5 years 
  • fun fact about yourself
  •  what your make up style is for showcase
After the meeting Mollie then posted on the group for the showcase saying what each team needs to be getting on with, for marketing the list consisted of:
  • set up a day for the photoshoot.
  • obtain a final quote for programmes from the chosen printing company
  • finalise the e-invitation so we can start emailing companies, contacts, family etc.
  • Start to send out invitations to companies, contacts etc. we already have.
  • Consider if we are creating posters for the night for us to stick up around town/ university etc.
All the year twos have been speaking about the next night at the SU, I think the night we all want to do is a lip sync battle where we would charge on the door to get in and then whoever wants to compete on the night can.Hebe is in contact with the people from the SU so hopefully we can get a meeting set up asap!
Image result for lip sync battle
Image One. LIP SYNC BATTLE logo.(, 2012)
It's all coming together!! 

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