Monday, 20 February 2017

First initial mood board for timeline concept

So here is my thought process for some ideas that I could do for my timeline, from my initial research and ideas I feel drawn to create an image based on my zodiac which is scorpio.( to  make images larger please click on them!)

For my initial mood board I decided to follow from my thoughts on what I could base my image around, Image One is a photoshoot that was based all around zodiac signs so obviously as I am a scorpio I found the image from that shoot for the zodiac, one thing that I really loved about this image is how they have included the constellation for scorpio in the background as you will see in my moodboard image five is also the constellation for zodiac, I just feel like the idea of including the constellation or something relevant into the background is a fabulous idea that will complete whatever look I decide to do.

Image Two is all based around the scorpio animal however instead of it being a make up look, it is clear that this image is based around the hair however you can see the make up includes a very bold contour and I think the look also includes some kind of body art such as airbrush or painting as the model looks to have different shades to her skin and face which although the image is in black and white.I feel like the make up artist has done this to include different dimensions to the model in order for the overall image to be visually striking which will then ensure that the model isn't ignored in the image and that by applying this type of make up will allow the hair and make up to flow together. I really liked the idea of creating the tail of a scorpion, I think that with some practice I would be able to recreate this look. If I was going to recreate this look I feel like I would place a wire into the hair and then plait the hair, the wire would then give me the chance to then mould the hair into the shape of the scorpion tail which I would then secure onto my models head with bobby pins .

Image Three is probably one of my favourite photos in this moodboard, I have included this image into my moodboard as I thought this could be a representation of my birthday which is the 5th November (bonfire night). When I saw this image I automatically thought of the night sky ( black glitter) being lit up by the fireworks( the other coloured glitter), I love glitter however I find it really tricky to work with so if I was to do this look I would practice it for more than once in able to make it look as good as I can get it but I think this is a very unique way of me showing off my work rather than taking inspiration from my zodiac etc which I feel most people will be doing.

Image Four is my birthstone which is called Topaz, I included this into my moodboard as I thought this would be a good idea to get inspiration from, I have come up with many ideas from this such as; creating a whole shoot based on the stone taking inspiration from the colours and tones of the stone or using the colour of the stone as an overlay therefore having my final image shot in the colour of the stone.

Image Five is the constellation for scorpius which I mentioned and took inspiration from image one, I really love this idea as in my initial thought process I didn't think about the constellation for my zodiac and I could include this in various ways such as ;

  • doing a shoot based primarily on the constellation ( included in the make up ) 
  • including the constellation in the background of my model ( this could be done on the actual shoot or could be included by photoshop in post edit) 
  • creating a prop of the constellation which my model would then hold up.
Image Six is a photograph of a bonfire with a firework going off in the background, I have placed this image into my moodboard as my birthday falls on bonfire night so for this concept I feel like it would be a good idea to incorporate something from bonfire night into my look such as : 
  • taking inspiration from the colours of fireworks 
  • taking inspiration from the colours of the bonfire
  • the movement of fireworks
Image Seven is the chinese animal for the year I was however I doubt I will include this into my overall look as there isn't much inspiration that I could take from the pig saying that, I could look into the traits and background of the pig. I feel like if I was to include this into any part of my look I would include it into the background or prop part of the shoot.

Image Eight and Nine are both music related, image eight is an event that happened on the day I was born, it was an Oasis gig where they played at Earls court. Image Nine is the cover art of the song that was number one when I was born, as I won't be taking any inspiration and putting this into my final look an option I have come up with the idea that if on the day of the shoot if I do it before the actual event I can get a videographer which then on the day of the showcase I can bring a laptop and place it somewhere for everyone to look at which I could then edit music onto the clip so I could choose to put on a Oasis song or gangsta's paradise which was number one when I was born, Another thing I could do that includes inspiration from image eight and nine is too have a live model on the day of the showcase and then where my model is stood to have the music playing or have an ipod with headphones near so then they have the choice to see what song/music that was in when I was born.

This has really helped me come up with ideas for showcase however now I seem to have loads of ideas so I need to start funneling ideas down to get my final image .

Stay tuned in for more showcase blogs!!!
Ella xoxox 

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Thursday, 16 February 2017


Another task we were given during this lesson which I wasn't able to come in for was all about SWOT planning, if you don't know what a SWOT plan is,SWOT is an acronym for :

  • Strengths - Strengths are the things you have to offer your business that nobody else does, this could be services that you offer that no one else does or extra skills you have.
  • Weaknesses -  This is where you would talk about your weaknesses for your business or yourself, in this section you could talk about what you need to improve on ,what you think will make you not get a job, what other people think are your weaknesses etc.
  • Opportunities - Here is where you would mention factors which could improve your business.For example in this section you could mention the use of social media, you could also mention any ideas you have that could make your business stand out and be unique to any other similar business. 
  • Threats - A threat is something that is out of your control, such as a new competitor who will be charging less for their services, so even though this is not your fault it will have a knock on effect of your business as you may lose clientele.

I have created a SWOT plan for myself where I am exploring my strengths , weaknesses, opportunities and threats.Doing this task has opened my eyes to what I need to work on to be able to succeed in the industry as it will allow me to become more employable. 

PPD #2

I was unable to attend this lesson however in my own time I logged onto blackboard and looked at the learning materials that were uploaded for us.  On the powerpoint there was a task that we were required to recreate a grid where we had to fill in three values that are important to us in our life we also had to include our beliefs that support our values and also our behaviours that support our values, this was a very hard thing to do as I feel I have many values so I tried and picked three of the most important ones which you can see below.

Image One.My grid on my values, my beliefs that support them and also my behaviours that I have that supports my values.(Pape, 2017)

Bibliography - 
Image One.My grid on my values, my beliefs that support them and also my behaviours that I have that supports my values.(Pape, 2017)

Pape, E. (2017). My grid on my values, my beliefs that support them and also my behaviours that I have that supports my values. [image].

My CV!

Following my post where I was looking at different CVs ( you can see this by clicking here ) , I have created my CV that I feel suits the industry.Below you can see my CV.

Image One.The start of my CV.(Pape,2017)

Image Two. The qualifications section of my CV.(Pape,2017).

Image Three.I then included my history of jobs I have been apart of.(Pape,2017)

Image Four.More of my work history. (Pape,2017).

In image one you can see that I have included a little summary section where I have wrote a little bit about myself,I decided to include this as I feel like it will allow whoever is looking at my CV to know a basic amount of information about me , If you take a look at the top right of image one you can also see that I have included my location as well as my contact number, email and a few of my social media urls, my reasoning for this is simply so whoever is looking at me has my contact details if they want to follow anything up with me and I included my social media links so they can have a look at my online presence if needed. 

In image one, two and three you can see my education. I feel like this is a really important requirement for a CV as the possible employer will want to know what qualifications I have , as this is based around make up I have simply included the qualifications that are relevant to make up. I  also decided to include the modules that are part of the qualifications I have achieved/ achieving. I thought that by including these I am letting the reader of my CV to see what skills I have which will help them in deciding if I am the right candidate for the job.In image three and four I have included my jobs in the industry, I included photographs of my work for two reasons , one to allow the reader to see my work and also to make my CV visual . I feel by including this section in my CV I am showing the reader/ possible employer what I have already achieved in the industry. 

Overall you can see that my CV has the colour theme of black and white my justification for this is so it matches the colour scheme of my logo.My social platforms are also following this scheme therefore continuing with continuity, I also made my colour scheme black and white as my target audience for my CV will be industry professionals therefore I want to show a level of professionalism.To support this you will see that in image one in the summary section that I have wrote it in third person as I feel like this is a professional way of speaking rather than first person. However I must say that I personally feel like my CV is a good representation of the industry I am looking to go into .


Image One.The start of my CV.(Pape,2017)

Pape,E.(2017).The start of my CV.[photograph]

Image Two. The qualifications section of my CV.(Pape,2017).

Pape,E.(2017).The qualifications section of my CV.[photograph].

Image Three.I then included my history of jobs I have been apart of.(Pape,2017)

Pape,E.(2017).I then included my history of jobs I have been apart of.[photograph].

Image Four.More of my work history. (Pape,2017).

Pape,E.(2017).More of my work history.[photograph].

Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Live model concept

The concept I chose for the live model concept is future, I decided to do this as I thought it gives me more creative choices as it is such a varied category.

Initially I thought of ideas such as :

  • Alien
  • Robot 
  • Fantasy 
  • Futuristic war(hunger games)
The first thing I could think of that I would take the chance to include applying a bald cap as I think this would be a great time to showcase my skill of applying a bald cap as I would be required to do this in industry so it would be a good chance to get the attention of industry contacts who will be at the showcase.

Image one is an alien styled make up that I love! I love the patterning and the use of the bald cap! I feel like if I was to choose to do an alien make up I would create something very similar however I would change the colours, the pattering I would do by using a stencil and then airbrushing onto the face and bald cap.

Image two is a robot inspired make up look, I love how this looks however I doubt I would take inspiration and recreate something like this for showcase as I really like the idea of creating a an alien inspired look, however by doing a robot look I can also incorporate applying a bald cap.

Image three is an elf inspired look which is one of the first ideas I came across, I love the idea about using prosthetics as I feel this is another thing that possible employers will be looking for as I want to be working in the live performance and special effects industry. However at first  I wasn't  sure how I could make fantasy relatable to the future however I then thought that it would be relatable as it could could be a new planet that is yet to be discovered that has fantasy creatures on.

Image four is an image that relates back to the fourth bullet point which is futuristic war, however instead of the hunger games this image is actually from the film mad max as I thought this also suited the futuristic category which is what I am doing.The image on image four is also including a bald cap which is what I really want to do.

Overall I think I have started the progression in finding my final idea for this concept, I think I have decided that whatever look I decide to do I will defiantly be including a bald cap and maybe prosthetics.

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Monday, 13 February 2017


Unfortunately I was unable to come into today's session, however I made a post on the marketing group telling the rest of the team that I wouldn't be in, I made some things that we still needed to do just so we could all start to get them boxed off , the list I came up with was as followed:
  • I told Molly that to help with her work load I will take the business contacts so I told her to email the list over so I could make a start of email contacts.
  • I said that I would set up the twitter if it hadn't been set up already.
  • Ideas of flyers should be done, even if it is just some images of colour schemes,  layouts etc.
  • Get the contact email for Manchester City,Manchester United,spectrum and my kit co so we can invite them to the showcase as a thank you for them donating gifts.

I also said on the post for them to keep me in the loop about what was going on in the session so I can help them.Emma informed me that she had done the twitter account so she gave me the log in details so I am able to log in and tweet from it. Emma also then posted after the meeting which helped keep me in the loop, Emmas' list of what needs to be done is as followed:
  • Robyn is creating a draft of the programme ( year ones who are researching the charity they need to be done by the 23rd)
  • Molly is going to be collecting friends and family contact details so she can send out the E- invite , we have asked her to upload a draft email to the group so we can check everything is included and that I will be taking over emailing brands and industry contacts I will begin emailing once Molly has sent me over the list.
  • Emma will be finishing the website tonight and it will be completed tonight.
  • Everyone needs to gather some images together for a poster and layout which needs to be sent to the year ones who are in charge of making them,we will vote on it once everyone has sent their idea,the poster needs to be created by the 25th.

Another thing that came from this meeting is that we decided it would be nice to do a photo shoot for all our pictures for the programmes and then we can all get one together, we also decided that for the paragraphs about ourselves we would jazz it up by including :
  •  name 
  • age 
  • what make up you're in to 
  • where do you see yourself In 5 years 
  • fun fact about yourself
  •  what your make up style is for showcase
After the meeting Mollie then posted on the group for the showcase saying what each team needs to be getting on with, for marketing the list consisted of:
  • set up a day for the photoshoot.
  • obtain a final quote for programmes from the chosen printing company
  • finalise the e-invitation so we can start emailing companies, contacts, family etc.
  • Start to send out invitations to companies, contacts etc. we already have.
  • Consider if we are creating posters for the night for us to stick up around town/ university etc.
All the year twos have been speaking about the next night at the SU, I think the night we all want to do is a lip sync battle where we would charge on the door to get in and then whoever wants to compete on the night can.Hebe is in contact with the people from the SU so hopefully we can get a meeting set up asap!
Image result for lip sync battle
Image One. LIP SYNC BATTLE logo.(, 2012)
It's all coming together!! 

Bibliography : 
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Friday, 10 February 2017

SMART target

So today we had our first lesson of professional and personal development module so as usual we went through all the assessments that we are required to do.

After all that was done we started going through the Myer Briggs test. If you don't know what the Myer Briggs test is it is a psychometric testing system that shows how people perceive the world and how they make decisions.This testing system is not only used by psychologist but also actors!
So we all decided to individually take the test and the results are posted below!

Image One.My results from the Myer Briggs.(Pape, 2017)

I was very surprised at my results as I believe myself to be very emotional so when I got the result back as 12% feeling it really shocked me, especially as it mentioned that I have a slight preference of over thinking where I really have trouble with over thinking so that was the thing that shocked me the most. I also find myself to be very accepting of all people and I never judge a person that I don't know so my result of 41% shocked me as i never seem to judge people however during this questionnaire I must of done it subconsciousness.

We then went onto SMART targets which if you don't know what they are it is basically a way of you planning a certain achievement in your life if it being a personal or a career goal, you will set a time scale and in that time you will set milestones you need to get to for you to achieve your end goal.Week by week will go through the steps of SMART which stands for

  • Specific - the 6 W's ( Who is involved? What do you want to accomplish? Where do you want go? When will you complete this? Which requirements/constraints do you need/have ? Why do you want to accomplish it?)
  • Measurable - How much will it cost? How many steps do you require to compete this goal? How will you know when you have completed?
  • Achievable/ attainable - Is the goal reasonable enough to be accomplished?How so? Make sure the goal is not out of reach or below your level of work.
  • Realistic -  be sure that everyone goal you set represents substantial progress for your long term the goal worthwhile and will it meet your needs ? 
  • Timely - your long term goal should be accomplished within a certain timeframe , this should be indicated throughout your planning by a date/month/year. By doing this you will have a sense of urgency which will make you work harder to achieve your end goal.
So let's talk about me ( it is my blog after all) 
I will be setting myself a three year SMART goal which I am going to keep you all up to date with! ( how lucky are you?!?!) so here we go .... 
In three years time I want to have finished and graduated from my BA top up year in special effect make up and live performance, I also want to be gaining opportunities in both special effects and live performance make up. 

Specific ( 6 W's) 

Who? So who is involved? Mainly this is based around me however I will be in contact with people from the industry.
What do you want to accomplish? I want to accomplish my BA top up degree in special effect make up, I also want to accomplish opportunities in special effect make up and live performance.
Where? My goal will mainly be set at the Manchester college for my degree however when it comes to my opportunities in gaining experience in my chosen fields I will still be based in Manchester.
When? I will graduate from my BA top up year in 2018 and then I will give myself until 2020 to gain experience in special effect make up and live performance make up.
 Witch requirements/constraints ? I will be needed to complete my foundation degree which will then allow me to progress onto my BA top up year. I will also need to apply for UCAS and send it off for my BA top up year.The next requirement I will have to do is to go to my interview/ portfolio presentation which will secure my place at Manchester college.To graduate my BA top up  I will be required to pass all my modules for the course which will then allow me to graduate. Once this half of my long term goal is completed I will then be required to post my social media all over industry pages as well as LinkedIn which I will connect with employers in TV and film as well as live performance .

How much will it cost?
Tuition fee's as well as my kit costs which haven't been confirmed yet.

How many steps do you require to compete this goal?

  1. I will need to make sure that I have applied to ucas, 
  2.  Completed all the forms that are required
  3. End off the application
  4. Sort out my portfolio 
  5. Attend interview 
  6. Accept place (hopefully!)
  7. Complete all modules 
  8. Graduate the course
  9. Publish myself on social media in order to gain attend of the industry 
  10. Network with all industry workers

How will you know when you have completed?
I will know I have completed my targets as I will have my BA in special effects and I will be a networking more within the industry.

Achievable/ attainable
 Is the goal reasonable enough to be accomplished?How so?

The goal is reasonable as I have already started to achieve my foundation degree which is how I will be approved onto my BA top up, I already have special effects qualifications therefore I have the requirements to be accepted onto the course.

be sure that everyone goal you set represents substantial progress for your long term the goal worthwhile and will it meet your needs ?

The goal is worthwhile as at the end of it I will come out with a BA of arts which will help me get work within the industry and it will also help extend my knowledge of special effect make up which will help me better myself at the skill.

your long term goal should be accomplished within a certain timeframe , this should be indicated throughout your planning by a date/month/year. By doing this you will have a sense of urgency which will make you work harder to achieve your end goal.

I will graduate from my BA top up year in 2018 and then I will give myself until 2020 to gain experience in special effect make up and live performance make up.

Bibliography -
Image One.My results from the Myer Briggs.(Pape, 2017)

Pape, E. (2017). My results from the Myer Briggs test.. [image].

Thursday, 9 February 2017

Looking at CV's

Today we started to look at CV's in order to help us get an idea of how we want our CV's to look.

We were given the task of 5 types of CV's to look at :

  • Creative
  • Contemporary 
  • Formal
  • Artistic 
  • Simple
We then had to pick 3 types of CV's.

The first CV I chose was artistic. Below is the CV that I will be writing about.
Image One. Stacie Clark CV using

So as you can see on image One, this CV is very visual and includes drawings that I assume are hers however there is no certainty as she doesn't mention anywhere throughout her CV, apart from this small issue I actually do love the images and I feel like it makes her CV to be very different and eye catching. Although the CV is unusual and includes images the purpose of this CV hasn't been lost as she has still included all the relevant information needed on a CV, however when it came to the education section I thought that it was very basic and didn't include much information about what her qualification entailed such as what modules she completed etc. I really liked how she had put on the end of her CV "references available upon request" I feel like this is a good thing to include on you CV as it then allows your CV to not include a lot of writing which as it is an artistic one I feel it suits being very simple with little writing. However I feel like how she has written her CV isn't very personal as it is written in third person so there isn't a personal touch as it could be that anyone has written it for her, I understand why she might of chosen to write in this style however I feel like when possible employers are viewing CV's they want to be able to get a sense of the persons personality. Another issue I found with this CV is that although the drawings are amazing and I think they add something to a CV that you wouldn't usually  
see on a normal CV which I think is great because at the end of the day if you are artistic and very creative and you are seeking work in a very creative industry a normal and very formal CV wouldn't be relevant , however the drawings and the very basic education section makes it very hard to actually pin point what this CV is actually for and what type of job she is trying to achieve. This CV is also lacking a contact number and a website, there is a blog link along with an email, the blog may include other contact details and information about Stacie however when employers are looking at a CV I doubt they would want to take more time to having a look at other platforms just to be able to see what she actual does and what type of jobs she is looking to secure.

Second CV - So below is the second CV I looked at the CV below ( image two) This CV is a simple  CV.

Image Two. Simple CV template.(, n.d.)

This is a very simple and plain CV which leads me to believe that this for a more professional and formal job role,however there are aspects of this CV that I really like such as the fact that this applicant has included a photograph of himself, I think this is a really nice touch to a CV as it then allows the employer looking at the CV to be able to put a face to a name and I feel like it makes it more personal when placed to another CV that doesn't include a photograph of the applicant. Another aspect that I like about this CV is that unlike the CV I spoke about above ( image One) that it includes not only an email address but also a contact number, I feel like a contact number is the main way of employers to contact applicants as it is much quicker and easier than sending an email and waiting for them to read and reply to it, so this could be an advantage for including a contact number on your CV as most employers won't have time to be emailing and waiting for a response.By looking at the CV I have also noticed that they have included that they have a driving licence and where it isn't a requirement to include this information I feel like by including this piece of information you are giving yourself a better chance of employment as most jobs will ask if you have a driving licence as employers think it is important in order for you to get to and from work and in many jobs driving may be required. However I feel like the colours are very dull which would mean that employers wouldn't be visually drawn to this CV but in spite of that not all CV's will be able to be as visual as image one as not all jobs are able to be this creative so it wouldn't be relevant for most job roles. Another thing I noticed about this CV is that there is no mention of references which is required for all jobs, as I spoke about for image one they had placed on that references can be provided upon request which I feel is the best way to go around references so then you are not giving out your references personal details all over the place, but on this CV there is nothing of this kind which makes me wonder if this person has any references which I think employers would think as well therefore they may not proceed on with his application. Furthermore I would make sure that on my CV I either include my references onto my application or write " references available upon request ".I also want to point out that if you don't have any references it is still important to have one even if it isn't a professional such as from a job it can be a personal one such as from a tutor or a teacher, I wouldn't recommend not including any references onto your CV. The last thing I found that I disliked about this CV is that under the "formation" and " personal experiences" the applicant hasn't included the institute name of where they have studied or where they have worked which I feel leaves the CV being very plain and impersonal.

Third CV - contemporary. 
                                        Image Three.Contemporary CV number three.(, n.d.) 

So this is a contemporary CV and the first thing that I liked about this CV is the use of colours, they are bright so they will catch the attention of the employer looking at the CV however the thing I liked the most about how the applicant has used the use of colours is that they have used them so it makes their application stand out however they have not used them so much that it is overpowering.The key thing I realised about this CV is the use of QR codes which when scanned leads the viewer to their online portfolio and blog, I think this is a really smart idea as a QR code can be done digitally ( so if they are applying for a job online ) and also physically ( if they are handing out CV's into businesses) which is such a quick and easy way for possible employers to see their work. Something on this CV which i wasn't too fond off was the use of the bar chart on the "software knowledge" section, I feel like the overall chart to be quite confusing as there are two parts of the chart for the same section, the top of the chart that says " expertise - beginner, intermediate , high , advanced and pro " and also on the bottom of the chart that says " frequency of use - rarely , sometimes , every week , every day and all day, I feel like this could take a while for the possible employer to understand and as they will have many applications to go through i'm not sure if they would take the time to do it. I also didn't like the use of the venn diagram used on the "capabilities" , I feel like this was taking up space on his CV and it wasn't really of relevance as he had listed his capabilities below it, I think it would've made more sense to have done it as a pie chart. This CV also didn't include any references or any mention of them which I spoke about in the paragraph below. I must say that I really like how this person has included a small paragraph talking about why he loves his field which is product design, I feel this adds some personality to the CV and makes it a bit more personal. The use of his publications is a really good idea as it shows the possible employer what published work he has done before, therefore giving him experience in his field.

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Here is where I will post everything from my PPD module.

Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Starting our concept research! (timeline)

So today we started on planning for one of our concepts which is based around our own personal timeline of our life. We started getting ideas together for our looks and we managed to come up with quite a few such as:
  • Zodiac signs 
  • Personal traits of our zodiac 
  • Birthstone
  • Events that happened on the day you were born
  • Number one song on they day you were born
  • Chinese year animal
  • Newspaper articles from the day you were born
Image result for zodiac scorpio
Image One.My zodiac! Scorpio (, 2010)

One cool thing that I found out was that the number one for when I was born was gangsta's paradise by Coolio! I doubt I will take inspiration from that though!

One initial idea I have had is to create my image based on my zodiac, the scorpio. I will purchase a scorpio ornament which I would then attached to the hair of my model. Another idea I came up with is to take inspiration from the day I was born on which is bonfire night so I thought I could create colourful splatters on the face to recreate fireworks. This lesson has been a good start of my planning for this concept.

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Monday, 6 February 2017


Today was our second meeting regarding showcase with the year ones however most of them were out on placement.

During today's meeting I set up the email for the showcase as I wanted to check with the managers about what we should put as the email address simply as I believed last year's email wasn't professional enough which is why I strongly believe we didn't hear back from companies and industry contacts.

The website has been started and we spoke about colour themes which will include blue for the charity MIND which we are going to be raising money for ( in memory of Paris's dad).
Image One.MIND the mental health charities logo.(, n.d.)
I asked that everyone by the start of half term has given me or Molly W at least two industry contacts so as soon as we get a venue and a date confirmed we can start invites.

By next week social media will be set up where we will post fundraising events along with getting the word out about the showcase event.

I came up with an idea that it would be good for us to contact as much press as possible such as newspapers, news channels as I feel like not only will it help us but it is giving the year ones something to continue next year as they can use the contacts made for next years showcase.

By next week the year ones will have sent Lucy their 50 - 100 words bios which she will then use to create the programmes.

We also started the planning of the live concept idea, to do this we listed all the different time periods and then wrote underneath each some ideas, after all this we created a grid with each time period on and some empty boxes underneath them, we then placed it up on the wall and allowed everyone to write underneath what time period they wanted to do, I chose to do future as I initially thought of doing an alien look.

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Image One.MIND the mental health charities logo.(, n.d.)

MIND the mental health charities, (n.d.). [image] Available at: [Accessed 6 Feb. 2017].


This is where I will be placing my evidence for showcase 2017 !! I hope you enjoy following the process!


When I was researching fashion campaigns one fashion campaign really stood out to me , it was the fall/ winter 2016 campaign from the Italian fashion brand Prada.It was filmed by iconic photographer Steven Meisel and includes colourful scenery and starry nights. The campaign also includes 27 models including actor Millia Jovovich and longtime Prada face Sasha Pivovarova it also captures the spirit of wanderlust and femininity.

The main thing I really liked about this campaign was the use of changing backgrounds in relevance to the clothing the models were wearing.The backgrounds included moving shots of different environmental factors such as; starry nights , lightening , dusk and dawn as well as the aurora borealis, this is relevant as during the campaign whenever the backgrounds changed the models outfits would change to a relevant style, for example in the scene ( approx. 1.04- 1.19) where the background is of the aurora borealis the model is wearing a colourful jacket which could be a representation of the aurora borealis ( Image One). Prada could have included this as an incite of the inspiration behind this collection. Another aspect of the campaign I really liked was the fact that the hair styling reminds the same throughout the 1.19 minute video , I thought this was a smart idea that Prada as it kept the focus being on the clothes , however the hair styling could also be a representation of the collection being for fall/winter as the styling of the hair included the hair being damp which could be a portrayal of the models' hair being wet as a result of the weather that is associated with fall/ winter.Another characteristic that could support my point about the hair design being a representation of fall/winter is that the hair would be moving which could be another representation of the weather that is associated with fall/winter as it created an effect that made it look like the model was out in the wind.The make up application throughout the whole campaign remains the same however throughout the campaign a few models would have a red lip, I really liked how Prada did this as it kept the focus being on the clothes which is the main purpose of the campaign but it also allowed the viewer to notice the slight changes to the make up application which kept the make up application looking fresh and it avoided the make up from staying the same for the whole campaign. I also really liked the use of movement in the video, the models start walking towards the camera however it creates an effect that when watched it makes it look like the models are appearing to be in 3D, I think this is a really smart way to shoot a campaign video as when I was doing my research of campaign videos this was the only one that created an illusion like that.Prada created this to make their campaign stand out from all the rest and I honestly think they did what they wanted. Have a look at the campaign here: .

Image One.

Thursday, 2 February 2017


Last night was our all american frat party at the SU, it was a real success and it was such a fun night! We managed to raise £381 !!! We all took turns working on the door where we would take payment from people to allow them into the event we also would offer them a fifth wristband if they wanted to go out after the fundraiser and then stamp them which allowed the SU staff to know that they had paid. Overall it was a brilliant night and was really effective in raising funds for showcase, we are all currently speaking about the next night we could do and we are going to see if we can carry on doing a night a month leading up to showcase!
Image One.Our fundraising poster for the event.(Atmosphere Kitchen and bar, 2017)
Image Two.Sheriff and deputy couple costume ( couple goals or what?!?)(Costello, 2017) 

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Image Two.Sheriff and deputy couple costume ( couple goals or what?!?)(Costello, 2017) 

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