Monday, 30 January 2017

First official meeting of showcase 2017!

Today we had our first official meeting with the year ones in regard of showcase ,during this meeting Mollie and Jess K became manager and deputy manager.

Prior to this meeting all the year twos had commented on how we think last years showcase went, Mollie then made this into a PowerPoint which she presented to the year ones.

After the presentation we focused on getting the groups sorted; this included asking the year ones what they wanted to do eg. Fundraising/marketing/ event planning etc. Once we had an even amount in each groups we then split off into the groups just so all the year ones could meet the year twos in their groups, I am in marketing with Chloe Taylor, Robyn Austin, Emma Yih. I created a Facebook page specifically for the marketing group just so we can contact everyone when needed. We also created a showcase page for the whole year ones and twos.

As that we are in marketing we can't really start doing anything until we have a confirmed venue and date of the showcase event, however during this first meeting we decided to allocate job roles for all the year ones who are in marketing, they are as followed:

  • Zoe - social media 
  • Beth - social media
  • Molly W - guest list ( I will be helping with this ) 
  • Lucy - Invites
  • Elenor - Programmes 
  • Rebecca - Flyers.

By next week I will have set up an email address for the showcase in order to start correspondence to companies and sending out invites ( when we have a venue and date confirmed), we will have made a start on the website along with the social media profiles.

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