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The conflict between the use of CGI and make up application within TV and Film.

So for my PPB( Personal Portfolio Building) module in university I had to come up with an idea based around a theme (such as ; Artistic paintings & movements, Sculpture , TV & cinema and performance arts.). My initial idea for this module was took from the TV series American horror story as that involves a lot of special effects make up which is the field I want to specialise in once I have graduated. I focused primarily on season four which is based on a freak show however I soon changed that idea as I realised that when it came to the research side of things I was limited in inspiration as there are only a few cast members.I changed my idea to season two of American horror story which is based around an asylum but yet again I found it very hard to get inspiration from there without me purely copying American Horror story. So I decided halfway through the module to change my idea to something completely new which I could create my own look and shoot based on it.

My final idea based on a theme.

My final idea which I then created my shoot from came from a conversation I had with my boyfriend where we were talking about our favourite horror films then I realised that in the more recent horror films they are using CGI ( which can also be known as computer generated imagery) instead of special effects make up. As soon as we finished the conversation I started pulling research together, I already had an idea of what I would be creating as when I was in college I had done a piece of special effects work which was based on the walkers from the walking dead and during this project I created some research from the walking dead, one point is that the creators of the walking dead pride themselves on using as little CGI as possible when it comes to their walkers, you can have a look at the zombie I created below ( photograph one) which was the main point of inspiration for my look. 
photograph One.(Pape, 2015)

Planning for my look.
I created a moodboard where I placed not only visual images but also written research which you can see in my PPB lookbook. The research shows the process of how I got to my final image which involved my model having half a face make up based from the walking dead and then the other half being based around how CGI is created. To help with my research for what people prefer I created a poll on twitter with the question "what do you prefer when it comes to tv and film" there was then two choices they could answer with CGI or special effect make up. You can look at the results on Photograph two.

 This poll really helped me get an understand of what other people feel, it was after this that I came up to make it more of a campaign where I would have my model holding up a sign that says "#makeupoverCGI" and then in the process of photoshop I would change it to say "#CGIovermakeup" this is only one idea that I decided to do for the photoshop side of the assessment. Another aspect that I wanted to change from the original photograph was the background, I felt like it would finish my look of if I was to have the CGI side with a green background therefore betraying a green screen whereas on the special effects side I would apply a image background of a deserted / abandoned area just like you would see on the walking dead. 
Photograph Two.(Pape, 2016)

Below is a timelapse I created on the day of the shoot along with the final images and video footage that was taken.

Video One.(Pape, 2016)

 Photograph Three. (Farnworth, 2016)

 Photograph Four.(Farnworth, 2016)
 Photograph Five.(Farnworth, 2016)
Photograph Six. (Farnworth, 2016)

Video Two. (Ianos, 2016)

And this is my final photoshopped image which I created all on my own.
Photograph Seven. (Farnworth, 2016)

Thanks for reading and let me know what you think! 
speak soon, 
Ella xoxo

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